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As everyone knows, efficient energy usage is an important issue for all of us, especially in the days when our resources becoming increasingly exhausted and looking for new solutions. Our many years of experiences show us that industries make significant energy consumption for the parts of their businesses that need heating.
What are you doing to use energy efficiently and meet the need for heating?
We are an R&D company that dealing with technical textiles and bring innovative approach to heating needs in industrial areas, make them available for OEMs to reach the end-users.

We are producing new generation heating fabrics, having foresights about next generation technologies and developing ourself to create these technologies related with our business

We integrated the our basic product, heater fabric technology we developed, as a seat  heating system. Our heating pads which provide homogenous heat and serve as resistance of conductive fibers in textile structure
Thanks to our flexibility structure, our fabrics can implement into the seat easily and quickly.

Our fabrics are completely compatible with other components in the car. There will no problem while working.

Our fabrics have a light structure. It is 8-9 times lighter compared to existing seat heating systems. This shows itself as an important factor in the total vehicle weight in the automotive sector, where R & D studies are carried out even to reduce the weight of a screw.

Working with low voltage is providing to energy efficiency to the vehicle. It is another factor that reducing the cost with our low production costs.

Thanks to the production method we developed and patented, we reduced our production costs and this resulted in a significant cost advantage for OEMs.

Our fabrics are highly resistant to corrosion. Our product life is 1e+24 years according to our product life tests. Under favor of this feature, we are providing long-life solution

The solution we offer is to cover the inner carcase with our heating fabrics in a way that the conductive fibers in the textile structure serve as resistors (To be placed under the outermost layer). This solution can also be applied to the vehicles to be transported, the cabins where the hot air is needed, the areas where the drivers will be rested, or the furniture such as beds and blankets in these areas

Another aplication area is the defence endustry

We integrated our heating fabrics to the wearable and out-door materials in accordance with the defence industry! and designed for easy use in harsh field conditions.

Our fabrics can work with the batteries, power banks or solar energy. So, this feature makes our fabrics portable and we can integrate our fabrics to wearable products.


When portable feature comes together with the working with low voltage, we can provide long-hours heating in moving spaces.


Lightweight and slim structure that our fabrics have gives us a chance to applying defence industry in a more efficient way.


Our fabrics are completely flexible, there is no metallic resistance inside it, there are carbon fibers serve like metallic resistance. Because of that, when integrate the our fabrics to wearable products, there will be no inconvenience for users. It does not restrict mobility.

By applying the heating fabrics that we developed in home textiles, we have made it possible to use new home textiles that are easy to use and cost effective with no harm to human health.

It is possible to provide comfortable and cost effective heating for long hours by eliminating the health risk in heated home textile products thanks to its ability to work at desired temperatures with low voltages.

With its flexible structure, it can be applied easily in many areas of the house and does not cause any discomfort during use. There is no metallic resistance inside it, there are carbon fibers serve like metallic resistance.

It can be used in a manner compatible with all components in textile and other structures.

It can be designed to be portable. Therefore, it does not restrict mobility.

Which areas have we applied?
Our product, which is quite efficient about contact heating, has been integrated into areas such as blanket, bed, sofa bed, and drawsheet, making it easier to warm up inside the house!

Documented by the competent authorities!

ECE-Regulation No.118


Our product does not show any burning behaviors. This certificate is important for especially automotive industry and electric vehicles.

EMC Regulation


It proves that our product has no harm for the human body and also, our fabrics can work compatible with our components without any problem


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