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Tempa Pano was established in Turkey in 1989 specifically to manufacture and export enclosures and cabinets for low voltage applications. In fact the company now also has companies based in the UK, France, Romania and Bulgaria, as well as distributors in Iraq-Erbil Region, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Japan, Malaysia, Kazakhstan and Italy – enabling it to better serve customers throughout the world.
To further benefit its customers, however, the company is currently moved to new facility in Dilovasi in Kocaeli, Turkey. The new factory is 22,000m² in size, and feature production lines dedicated to manufacturing enclosures – expectations are that this will increase the company’s product volume by up to three times within the first two years of operation; and then to double that within the first five years. The new plant is environmentally friendly, with consideration given to enhancing energy efficiency and the use of renewable resources, as well as recycling. The decision to expand was a result of customer demand and the new factory will enable Tempa Pano to reach more customers in its present markets as well as meeting the requirements of emerging markets.


Over the years, and through the use of the latest technologies as well as employing experienced and well-qualified engineering staff, the company has had the aim of increasing the quality of products within the marketplace. As a result, it not only offers a diverse range of enclosure products, but is also capable of providing accessories, ensuring its solutions are suitable for a variety of applications.
Products therefore include:
• Wall Mounted Enclosures
• Floor Standing Enclosures
• Stainless Steel Enclosures
• Ex-Proof Enclosures
• Electronic System Cabinets
• Operating Console Systems
• Busbar & Busbar Distribution Systems
• Air Conditioning Products


As mentioned above, Tempa Pano was established in 1989, with Tempa Sistem established in 2002 to fulfill customer demands by manufacturing high-end engineering solutions and manufacturing low voltage distribution and automation systems. The company also offers solutions such as low voltage systems (power distribution, lighting distribution, capacitor banks, motor control centers) and control systems (PLC/DCS, SCADA, mimic panels, control desk, control consoles); and also provides engineering solutions such as project management. In 2009 company is reorganised and created a new department in itself and began to work as an energy environmental contracting company, and uses alternative energy sources. Additionally it is a water and wastewater plant specialist company active in Turkey as well as neighbouring countries including Iraq, Syria, UAE, Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Sudan, Switzerland and South Africa, etc.
Endaks, meanwhile, is a representative of brands in Turkey and the Middle East for air conditioning systems for electrical panels, busbar connection systems, flexible copper busbars and labeling accessories.

Other divisions include Tempa France, Tempa UK, Tempa System (Bulgaria), R.T.S. Electro

Main products:

Low Voltage Electrical Enclosures, Cabinets & Panels Ex-Proof Junction Boxes 19" Electronic Systems Cabinet LV Distribution Boards MCC Panels PLC/DCS Panels

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