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Keller & Vardarcı Industries Ltd. established in 2004 in Izmir, Turkey, is a joint venture of two family-managed companies, KEK Egon Keller GmbH & Co, Germany, and Vardarcı Makina Ltd. Sti., Turkey. It’s located in Aegean Free Zone, Izmir, Turkey.

Keller & Vardarcı manufactures and exports cottonseed and other oilseed processing machinery worldwide; including machinery and parts for cottonseed Delinting, Lint cleaners, Cotton Bale Press machinery, Saw sharpening machinery for Delinting, Cotton ginning, Seed cleaners, Dehulling & Decorticating machinery, Crushers, Filter presses, Oil Presses, Cookers, Oil Press Expellers, spare parts for our own machinery and for other brands.

We supply turnkey projects for the edible oil sector, as a leader company in edible oil processing machinery and equipment. Our produced by our experienced specialists, with more than 50 years' experience. We also provide engineering assistance, training, and maintenance following the machinery installation and service for aftersales. 

We are the member of leading associations such as: Aegean Chamber of Industry, Chamber of Commerce Izmir, Family Business Network (FBN-TAIDER), Aegean Free Zone. 

Main products:

Cottonseed, and other Oilseed Cleaners: Oilseeds Sifters, Vibrating Seed Cleaner, Sunflower Seed Cleaner, Delinting & Lint Cleaning & Baling Machinery and spare parts, Delinting Machinery and parts, Gummerfile machinery, Delinter Saw Sharpening Machinery, Lintcleaner, Hydraulic Bale Press, Dehulling & Decorticating Machinery, Decorticator, Dehuller, Crusher, Grinder of Oilseeds, Oil Expeller Press, Roller Mill, Oilseeds Conditionner, Oilseeds Cooker Edible Oil Filtering Machinery, Filter press, Bag filter, Cartridge Filter Sawgin spare parts, Delinting Linter gins, Linter saws, Delinter aluminum parts, Delinting Ribs, spare parts, Huller bars, Press bars, Press screws and Press worms, Press spacers etc.

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