Akınal Ayakkabıcılık San. ve Tic. A. Ş.

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AKINAL A.Ş. has been serving in leather sector for nearly 210 years. We have being used this experience in the footwear industry since 1978 and soon recognized around the World and become a trusted trademark. Our factory is established on 30000 square meters closed area and we have daily production capacity of 125.000 pairs. Our Facility has PU, PVC and EVA Injection, FAYLON  and assembled production facility.We sell branded product via our dealers througout World. The rest of our capacity is used for other brands production for the World's largest and most prestigious retail stores and Supermarkets to 38 different countires. AkınalBella prepares its creations with an R&D team and Italian Fashion designer in three man catagory, Man, Woman and Children. Our Company participates many fairs througout the World to examin the trends and promote its products. Turkey's large and to be available in select markets and to become a sought-after brand, the consumer's health and  elegance is a proof of the importance given to quality. As AKINALBELLA, we would like to thank our customers and customers, who have brought us to this day, as well as business organizations and mutual employees in mutual cooperation.

Main products:

Woman, Man and Kids Slippers and sandals