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Demmerg Kimya

“Demmerg Kimya”, whose foundations were laid in Tuzla Deri Organized Industrial Zone in 2010 by Mustafa Demir Sepici, who is the 2nd generation, started its journey in the sector by adopting customer satisfaction as its most important goal. In 2015, it was founded by Celal Volkan Sepici, who is the 3rd generation, to create new products in the construction chemicals sector in its modern factory. It continues its activities by producing perfect solutions with 70 years of knowledge and experience. Demmerg Kimya, which exports to nearly 70 countries on 5 continents, is a leading company that adds value to the country’s economy.

“Demmerg Kimya”, which always keeps customer satisfaction at the center with its original, innovative and uncompromising approach to quality, serves the construction and industry sectors with its production of construction chemicals. Moving forward with the aim of becoming a leading company in the world market, “Demmerg Kimya” develops products that meet the special requests of its customers with its R&D department and specially designed production machinery. In this way, it always gives confidence to its customers.

“Demmerg Kimya” attaches great importance to R&D studies with its fast and sustainable production capability, and offers result-oriented solutions by placing innovation at the center of its corporate culture. Bringing qualified manpower together with business life, “Demmerg Kimya” adds new values ​​to its added value with all its employees and constantly offers alternative solutions in the field of construction chemicals.

Aiming to be the best with its customer-oriented work strategy, “Demmerg Kimya” is among the pioneers of development by constantly conducting scientific studies with academic circles. “Demmerg Kimya” has been providing perfect service to its customers for 70 years, strengthening its place in the sector as a leading company in the world market.

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Epoxy based polyurethane floor covering material Polyurethane based polyurethane floor covering material

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