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Our company was founded in 1976 as Yenicag Pazarlama ve Dagitim (Marketing and Distribution) in Ankara and transformed in
1985 into Yenicag Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. (Food lnd. & Trading inc.). Our company established in 1993 the private sector's
first modern facility of ol ive processing in Akhisar with an annual capacity of 8.000 tons and started marketing of olives in
domestic and foreign markets. Today our factory owns a space of 32.000 m2 whereof 13.000 m2 are covert. The annual capacity
now reaches 15.000 tons. Under our own brands Ece, Oriyent and Ecem we are supplying the customers' taste with black olives,
green olives, green olives with pepperoni, stuffed green olives, sliced olives, sauced olives, olive paste ete. 50 % of our production is consumed domestically while the other 50 % is exported to 25 countries. aur company is certificated with international
valid HACCP and ISO 22000 certificates. Accordingly it aims to produce high quality products and sets its investments within this
direction. aur company is cooperating with producers, manufacturers and exporters in every regard in order to achieve a developing
olive sector which gains its rightful place in the world. Every necessary work is carried out in order to qualify the olive
sector as a national policy, because Anato lia is the homeland of olives.

Main products:

black olives and green olives

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