Cromex Makine ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti.

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Cromex is supplying ports, vessels and factories with machinery and special solutions. Worldwide our brands are known for not only port equipment, like crane attachments, bulk handling grabs, conveyors, hoppers, but also for special factory solutions. Together with our partners, we mainly support and supply the marine and aviation sectors, as well as various industries in Turkey. We measure success with mutual satisfaction, as the number of our customers grow and both the products as well as the after sales services supplied surpass their expectation.

Main products:

crane attachments, grabs for bulk cargo handling, port hoppers, container spreader, lifting beams, over-height frame, mobile bagging machine, deck tower, various conveyor, grab tagline, industrial cranes, aircraft maintenance solutions, pipe lifter, concrete block lifter, c-hook, special factory equipment

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