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Fonex Cosmetics

Fonex Cosmetics is a reputable and leading cosmetics company offering services in Turkey and more than 50 foreign markets with more than 15 registered trademarks, and also is the main distributor -in the territory of Turkey- of Moser and Wahl brands, which have a worldwide reputation and recognition in the field of hairdresser tools and equipments. 

Fonex Cosmetics has a diverse and wide range of products consisting of 650 different items in total, addressing to different consumer groups and needs in the fields of personal care, hair care, hair styling, professional hairdresser tools and equipments under different brands including Mattelook, Creacion, Periche, Kyoshi, Gummy, FNX Barber, and Ceylinn, including Razorline, a brand specifically developed and designed for Migros, a reputable and leading grocery store chain. Fonex Cosmetics has also started to provide service in the field of cleaning and hygiene products under the Virex brand which has been introduced to meet needs of consumers during the pandemic, a period in the course of which personal hygiene has gained remarkable importance. Fonex Cosmetics now offers consumers a wide range of licensed hygiene products including antibacterial gels, hand sanitizers, antibacterial liquid soaps, etc. Fonex Cosmetics also provides private label production services for certain chain stores, perfume stores, and professional saloons both in and out of Turkey. Fonex Cosmetics provides private label production services to biggest cosmetics retailers of Turkey under Benri and Bee Beauty brands, in addition to private label production services for foreign markets including Colombia under His His brand, North America under Cree brand, and Qatar under Novell brand.   

Adopting an innovative corporate culture approach with a view to improve appeal of its products and increase its market share, Fonex Cosmetics differentiates itself from its competitors through its commitment to innovation and development of innovative products including spray waxes offered under Mattelook brand, herbal hair styling products in the category of “100% natural and healthy cosmetics” offered under Creacion and Mattelook brands, as well as natural hair and body care products offered under Kyoshi brand. 

Main products:

Personal care, Hair care, Hair styling, professional hairdresser tools and equipments.

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