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Burak TÜLÜ

Bonegraft is a biotechnology-based company that is focused on research, design, development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative synthetic bone graft, barrier membrane and cartilage graft products. Bonegraft is specialized on developing the biomaterials such as bone tissue and cartilage tissue scaffolds in the modern laboratory. Bonegraft R&D laboratory is located in the Technology Development Center of Ege University under ISO-7 and ISO-6 and ISO-5 clean room conditions. All the raw materials and equipment used in production processes are supplied from the highest technologically advanced European and American companies and thus our products are aimed at the highest quality. It provides customers with all national and international quality, management and product certificates in line with the sector's requirements, which makes serial production stages in itself and makes the end user product sterile. Our company is certified ISO 13485 quality management system document. Our products are CE marked as a Class III Medical Device where the highest level of safety standards are applied in production and quality conditions. All biocompatibility and characterization tests are carried out at reputable universities and test laboratories in Turkey and abroad. Testing and validation of our sterilization process is carried out by specialized institutions. All stages of design, production and product are under constant supervision by both the certification notified bodies, the Ministry of Health and our customers. Bonegraft has made it a principle to work with discipline that these controls have given.

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Bone graft Cartilage graft Chondro Matrix Dental membrane Bone cement Surgical bomaterials Dental implant Dental pin Spinal implants and prosthesis

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