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Ceksan Sweepers exported 90% of its production in 2022.

Ceksan machines work in more than 62 countries worldwide.

We have CE marking for our all products, and we are the member of European European Association of Municipal Equipment Manufacturers (EUnited / https://www.eu-nited.net/municipal_equipment/

Also our products have PM10 label certified by SGS Germany

According to one independent research company’s report published worldwide, Ceksan Sweepers is launched as the top 4 company who will lead road sweeper world between 2019-2024. 

You can find some info about Ceksan Sweepers as below and more on our website: http://www.ceksansweepers.com

Ceksan Sweepers,

•        Manufacturing vacuum sweepers since 1989 with more than 34 years experience.

•        Much more price advantages comparing with other European brands. Because of this we expand our business every year. 

•        Exporting 90% of its products to more than 60 countries in 6 continents all over the world.

•        Is the member of European Association of Municipal Equipment Manufacturers (EUnited).

•        Has certified Research and Development department by the Turkish Government

•        We design, make prototype, test and produce our machines without outsourcing them in order to assure Ceksan quality and standards. 

•        Located in Izmir/Turkey, in two plants whose closed area are more than 15000 sqm, with more than 128 workers.

•        Has all certificates including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, CE, PM10, PM2,5 

•        Sweeps not only cities or municipalities but also all areas including cement factories, universities, industrial zones, ports, airports, plants, warehouses, military zones etc…

•        Product range satisfies all kind of needs because Ceksan Sweepers has truck mounted vacuum type sweepers, tractor towed type mechanical sweepers, truck towed type mechanical sweepers, compact swepers, hand towed type electrical sweepers, truck mounted mechanical swepers, robotic sweepers. All in one package!

•        All kind of options are available in Ceksan Sweepers. We work with customer based approach

•        Products are customized and components are chosen according to countries and climates in order to provide long-life usage. 

•        Installation on customer’s location with training and technical support.

•        Production and delivery lead times under sector average.

•        Continous support by After Sales Service Department. 10 year spare parts availability, strong product warranty supports!

•        Uses the components from world-known suppliers all over the world such as SMC, Perkins or Deutz, Yuken, Schneider Electric and so on…

•        Focuses on long term business partnership instead of hit and run strategy.


Main products:

Vacuumed Type Truck Mounted Road Sweeping Machines Tipper Towed Type Road Sweeping Machines Mechanical Type Truck Mounted Road Sweeping Machines Tractor Towed Type Road Sweeping Machines Hand Towed Type 100% Electrical road Sweeping Machines Self Propolled Compact Type Road Sweeping Machines

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