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Cemer Playground Equipment, founded in Izmir in 1994, offers service in total area of 50.000 m² with its 300 employees along with its quarter-century experience. It has achieved to become a world’s leading brand by creating all the processes from idea to production within its body by means of consciousness of being a leading company in the sector of city equipment and reinforcement materials.

The fast-growing digital technologies have revealed a society structure that acts less and becomes asocial day by day. On the other hand, while the population increases, the green areas decrease. When all these problems are taken into consideration, the significance of breathing living spaces can be understood much better. In this scope, it designs and produces products which will contribute to socialization of everyone from 7 to 70 and help to development of muscle and coordination system.

For a high-quality city life; it produces play grounds for children with CMRPLAY brand and Parkfit Kent Ekipmanları, adventure parks for youth and adults with CMRXTREME, fitness equipment for children, adults and handicapped with CMRACTIVE and city equipment with CMRURBAN brand.

Cemer acts in accordance with the objective in order to revive the social life by creating amusing and healthy areas for youth, adults and handicapped citizens besides children through products which are designed based on safety.

In its own sector, it makes a distinguished name for oneself in Turkey and around the world with its new-generation play groups in the path where it took with its slogan “From Dream to Reality” by means of pride of achieving and making name of Turkey internationally.

The next goal of Cemer is to ensure the fast development of sectoral change, to sustain its leadership in area of new-generation play groups, to bring in the principle “Competition and Innovation in Quality” instead of price to its sector, to work in order to offer creative products above expectations.

In order to create differences in the sector and to ensure permanent superiority in national and international arena, all kinds of criticism or compliments that we will receive from you will be advisor for us in our goals to progress towards horizon and this will ensure us to run to the new goals.

Main products:

playground, fitness and urban equipments

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