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Kroman Celik Sanayii A.Ş.

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Kroman Celik

We are Yucel Boru Group of Companies located in Turkey, and acting in the field of manufacturing various steel products. Kroman Celik A.S. is the manufacturer of steel and iron long materials and semis. Our main activities are the production of steel billets to reinforcing steel bars, wirerods, spoolers, and merchant bars. Kroman Celik San. A.S. was founded on 25 June 1966, for the production and marketing of iron and steel products and semi-products. Kroman Çelik San A.S. has one Electric Arc Furnace with the capacity of 150 tons/heat and 145 MVA transformer. Two Ladle Furnaces ; Ø first one is 15 MVA and has 100 tons/heat capacity Ø other one is 20 MVA and has 150 tons/heat capacity Ø vacuum degassing system (tank type, equipped with dry pumps.) Two CCMs equipped with electro-magnetic-stirrers in the mold and with shrouded casting systems with annual capacity of liquid steel 2.600.000 Ton/annum Kroman Celik San.A.S. has two rolling mills ‘Wire rod rolling mill #1’ and ‘Wire rod rolling mill #2’ that works interconnected –rolling material can be transferred from one line to the other line- or can be used independently. Wire rod rolling mill #2 has been adapted by technological investments and improvements to produce high quality steel grades for drawing and fasteners industries. 1.Wire Rod mill produce 8-40 mm reinforce steel bars, 5.5-22 mm wire rod, 8-16 mm rebar in coil, 8-50 mm spool and 8-32 mm deformed spool. The total annual capacity is approximately 800.000 tons. 2.Wire Rod mill produce 8-50 mm reinforce steel bars, 10-75 mm round steel bars, 5.5-20 mm wire rod, 6-16 mm rebar in coil. The total annual capacity is approximately 800.000 tons. Bar mill plant produce 8-32 mm round an reinforced steel bars and have a capacity of approximately 450.000 tons per year. Profile rolling mill produce 80-160 NPU, 100-160 NPI and 90-120 mm equal angles and have an annual capacity of approximately 150.000 tons. Both the steel mill and rolling mills are incessantly applied mechanical and chemical tests with modern instruments and methods at every stage of production, and therefore compliance of marketed products with international standards, such as TSE, DIN, ASTM, BS and EURONORM is provided.

Main products:

Rebar, Rebar In Coil, Wire Rod In Coil, Compacted Rebar In Coil, Profiles, Merchant Bars, Profiles, Hollow Sections, Pipes, Gas and Water Pipes