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HavalandırmaGrup company is a ventilation equipment manufacturer established in 2009. In addition to owning the Point brand, it is the distributor of large companies such as Isidem, Aircol, Blauberg.

All kinds of products that our customers need; It is our duty to undertake the provision of the latest innovations provided by the developing technology in international standards, in a way that has the determined features, on time and under appropriate conditions, and to share this duty with all our stakeholders. In addition, it is among the priorities of our company that the equipment and devices that our customers want and need fully carry the functions that must be in the desired qualities, and that they have an ergonomic structure taking into account worker health and work safety. In addition, our company meticulously focuses on;
The after-sales service and warranty services we provide for the products sold are the most basic indication that we stand behind the products sold.

While increasing our service quality by applying quality standards to our management with the internationally accepted ISO 9001 quality system, CE-TSE,EuroVent, Domestic Production Certificate and Domestic Goods certificates, to work in endless harmony with our customers with our technical consultancy and after-sales services.

Main products:

Industrıal Ventilation Devıce,Insulatıon materials,Fans,Ahu,heat Recovery Unİt,Rooftop

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