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Zenta Mühendislik/Zenta Engineering

As Zenta Engineering, we aim to implement the systems that best suit the building, while we assist our customers in finding the right solution for their air conditioning and installation needs. Our company offers high quality and efficiency service by following the international standards and technological advancements in accordance with the regulations by using all the solutions related to mechanical installation engineering in VRF air conditioning systems, ventilation, fire installation, sanitary installation and automation systems without any compromise on quality with its staff specialized in the after-sales departments of the manufacturer and importer companies. We choose the best systems, draw them on project and implement them according to the investment and operating costs for turnkey project design and applications by performing on-site explorations or working on architectural projects for several types of buildings such as factories, buildings, mass housings, hotels, schools, business centers and shopping malls. We monitor the systems, which we sell and implement, with our expert team, thus guarantee the continuity of the systems and continue providing services to our customers.

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Air Conditioning Products. Air Conditioning Products Installition maintanence and service Ventilation Engineering Calculations. VEntilation Products Ventilation Products İnstallition maintanence and service

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