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Akfer company is a solution partnership or cooperation partnership offers solutions to corporate customers.

Our subjects are business and project finance, project development, export development, foreign trade and private investors for investments.

Our solution alternatives can be either direct partnership or establishment of cooparate partnerships or cooperation strategic partnership.

In general, the procedure begins with forming the strategic partnership with the involved company to introduce their products and services to other country markets. For the exporting companies we aim to increase the market share within their exporting countries or new market search to increase their export capability. We take active role within all these processes until the project ends and successful feedback is accomplished.

We believe that strategic partnerships are very important to compete successfully in international markets. Our main policy is to form various commercial and industrial project partnerships within our local or international expertise consultants, investors, financing developers, operators, merchants, employers and contractors.

Generally, we cooperate with the local companies of the current country. We believe that the local companies know the country and the country market conditions better, and solve the problems easier.

Whether you need a commercial and investment project; this project will be handled from start to finish by experienced designers, investors and financial developers, employers, customers, operators, manufacturers and many other required groups. All or a portion of these groups can add great value to the management of professional organization partnership and the project.

AKFER Company usually evaluates the partnership and/or strategic partnership proposals seriously on the basis of different projects with different groups.

Main products:

Commercial cooperation or partnerships for export and import and investments.

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