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About Company History;
Gastroinoks is based in Bursa, TR in 1993 for trading and moved to Istanbul/Kadıköy in 2021 for manage the firm’s sales and collections.
Also firm change the company title as a GASTROİNOKS DIŞ TİCARET LTD. ŞTİ.
Gastroinoks mostly do domestic and abroad commercial kitchen equipment buying and selling.
The Firm; trades, sell and buy all kind of equipment for cafe/restaurant/hotel etc. Firm to supply long lasting stainless steel kitchen equipment and sells them to the commercial kitchen places.
Gastroinoks is provided and continues to serve many companies like restaurant, hotel etc. İn Anatolian Side of İstanbul with the aim and goal of providing all the necessary kitchen equipment of the work places operating in single places.
The firm is providing all kinds of after-sale  support, technical support, drawing of the Project, selection of the appropriate devices  and supplying them.
Also, firm is providing equipment of outside of Project kitchens like already done kitchens as renovations.

Except those the firm is use the online sales under the brand of MUTBAKA.
Gastroinoks is operating in 3 floors and 300 sq² place.
The company is also operating in the office and showroom in Russia in 440 square meters at the Food City  Center, one of the most important centers in Moscow. The company continues its warehouse and production activities in a 4 .450 square meter area, with a closed area of 2,000 square meters. This is located near Moscow's largest airport, next to the German Veka factory, one of the world's numbered plastic chopping companies In this area, the company stores and ships products imported from Turkey, and also produces its industry in stainless steel processing machines imported from Turkey.

The company is a foreign sales franchise for many companies, especially Inoksan Kitchen, Kapp Kitchen companies, which are pioneering and significant market share in Turkey's sector, and sells weighted industrial cuisine, machinery, equipment and products of these companies.

Main products:

Industrial kitchen equipments

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