Mny Kimya Tic.A.Ş.

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MNY Kimya, the production company of UZ Kimya, was founded in 2014 by merging with the owners of Pigment Sanayi A.S. With its extensive paint quality control laboratory and pigment manufacturing facility, it started producing chrome yellow, molybdate orange and important inorganic specific pigments such as anti corrosive pigments since 2014. These pigment groups, which do not have other producers in Turkey, are competing with globally renown producers. Providing raw materials and technical support, It is constantly expanding its trade volume and market share by further developing cooperations in rapidly changing and constantly evolving 
We also produce lead dioxide barium peroxide, strontium nitrate ,lead salysilate, calsium resonate, barium chromate for Defense Industries.
Our company produces inorganic Pigments for Masterbatch paint leather mining and cement and cosmetics Industries.

Main products:

Pigments and raw materials for paint, plastics, masterbatch, cement, minig, defense industries and raw materials for biogas.

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