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Sansiro Perfume

Our Sansiro brand was introduced to consumers in 1998 in Bursa. Since then, our portfolio has been expanded according to the needs and wishes of our customers.

For over 20 years we have been doing business in 55 countries with over 70 partners worldwide. Our products are sold in hundreds of stores and various chain markets in the country and abroad.

We believe that sustainable growth can be achieved with products with high consumer satisfaction and profitable products, and we offer you the most preferred fragrances of the world at high quality and affordable prices.

We would like to see you in our Sansiro Family, which has been growing continuously for a quarter of a century, together with our valued business partners.


Main products:

Perfume, EDT, Cologne, Body Mist, Reed Diffuser, Air Freshener, Auto/Car Perfume

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