Hidropar Hareket Kontrol Teknolojileri Merkezi San. ve Tic. A.S.

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Good EngineeringOur dreams give shape to our ideas, while our ideas form our strength.

Characterizes the HKTM’s involvement in various engineering practices such as training, development of idea, project-design, etc. as well as how much they value turning it into production.

  • Ensures the welfare of nature and all living creatures is increased in line with scientific and technical principles.
  • Listens to others, and does not confine any requests created to expectations.
  • Shares its knowledge and experience, notwithstanding any condition or benefit.
  • Does not take any action that may be in contradiction with scientific principles.
  • Ensures that its suggestions are not momentary and is based on persistency and sustainability.
  • Prevents any discrimination, and meets the principle of equality at its own environment,
  • Ensures that the solutions developed by it comply with environmental and occupational safety requirements,
  • Does not allege as a pretext but a skill, as it has a comprehensive understanding of its field of activity.

Main products:

We can be faster and more flexible in our projects as we use products that we stock and supply. Subsequently we can answer the needs of our customers for spare parts quickly. In our stocks approximately 3.250 product items are kept as 120.000 pieces, and these amounts make us the supplier with the strongest stock in the eye of the companies we represent. Our stock power and international work on projects allows us to export to 18 different countries and enter their supply chains.

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