Doxa Furniture & Fitout Projects

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Doxa Furniture & Fitout Projects

Doxa is one of the main brands of Çanakcılar Group of Companies, that has been operating in different sectors for more than half a century, and is a leading brand that stands out with the understanding of trust and quality in the office & bathroom furniture sector. In a manufacturing facility of 50 thousand square meters, Doxa is one of the top manufacturer in terms of its production capacity.

Doxa has decoupled production lines in its facility for different sales channels and product types. It brings Doxa a great advantage both on lead time, that is up to three weeks in most practices and quality of services thanks to the specialized manpower along with the highest focus on spesific line of business.

Doxa takes increasingly great part in fit-out projects in international areas. Hotels, hospitals, restaurants and educational settlements are being furnished by a well-experienced team led by great architects and the engineers within the company. 

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Main products:

Office Furniture Bathroom Vanities Kitchen Cabinets Hotel Furniture (Rooms and Common Areas) on project basis Restaurant&Cafe, Hospital, Educational Settlement Furnitures on project basis

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