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Arma Dental carries out R&D, P&D and production studies for the dental sector in a 1000 square meter closed area in GOSB Technopark. Our company supplies design, molds, machinery and raw materials to acrylic tooth manufacturers. These acrylic teeth are used in removable prosthetic palates. In addition, we also set up a turnkey acrylic dental factory in countries where there is no local production. Our ArmaMold, ArmaMach and TeethFactory brands are used in this field of activity.

Another field of activity is resins, which are raw materials for 3D printers. We are currently producing 3D resins used in the dental industry. We sell these products both in the domestic market and export them. Our ArmaResin brand is used in this field of activity.

In addition, we have started the production of dental grade acrylic (PMMA) for the first time in Turkey as of this year. and we will expand our export area in the foreign market. Our Armacryl brand is used in this field of activity.

Countries such as Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, where there is little or no dental production, seem to be important markets both for our dental factory establishment and for our other products.

Main products:

Acrylic teeth mould Acrylic teeth machines Dental Acrylics Denture Base Acrylics 3D printing resins

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