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Tirsan Kardan has specialized in the design and production of Cardan Shafts, Steering Columns and gearbox/ differential flanges with an experience more than 65 years in the automotive industry. The application fields of these products range from commercial vehicles, wheeled construction equipment and industrial uses. Our company is the main supplier preferred by many OEM and OES companies in Turkey and around the world in these product groups. Our company operates within the Tiryakiler Group of Companies.


Tirsan Kardan, which manufactures and delivers to its customers all over the world from its factories in Turkey, Italy and Russia, continues to develop products and designs that its customers will need in the coming years, with its registered R&D center.

Tirsan Kardan continuously improves the product quality in its production by using the latest technology, provides competitive world prices to its customers and creates customer satisfaction by delivering on time.


Production is carried out with Hot Forging, Machining, Assembly and Paint lines in its factories in 3 different locations in the Manisa Organized Zone. It differentiates itself from competitors across the World through the capability of conducting all of its operations in-house starting from design up until shipment.


Tiryakiler Group of Companies is an institutionalized family-owned business and all of its shares belong to the Tiryaki Family. Our group employs more than 850 employees and makes its future plans in a manner that will maintain its leadership in the sector and gradually strengthen its place in the global market.


We give precedence to the requirements of our customers in accordance with our perception of globalization. We prioritize developing and growing markets in our strategy, with the goal of operating in the markets where our customers entered or already operating. We act according to the requirements of the market and our customers and provide services such as local assembly, local warehouse management or similar practices. Our ability to act globally and think locally is ensured by working with local teams in the countries we operate.


Currently, the countries where we carry out production and/ or assembly operations locally consist of Turkey, Russia, Italy and Egypt. We continue to work on the establishment of a local assembly facility in Europe. We organize and manage logistics warehouse operations in America, Germany and Italy in order to provide our customers with JIS (Just-In-Sequence) or JIT (Just-In-Time) services at their global locations.


Our Vision is; to be a leading engineering company, that manufactures innovative driveline systems, at a competitive cost for the Light Commercial Vehicles, Heavy Commercial Vehicles, selected niches of Mobile off Highway, and the Service Markets to increase shareholder value, customer satisfaction and employee happiness.

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